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I Can Has Drabble Tiem?

Hey there-- fresh, shiny new member here with a drabble for the most recent prompt. What's up~.

Bound By Duty

The incident in question had ended with a particularly gruesome turn of events. So of course, it was only natural that a few injuries were sustained along the way, even amongst the mediating party.

(A few well-placed swings of the assailant’s knife had come dangerously close to dealing some very disconcerting damage. Riff had to admit that the young master had been quite fortunate in receiving only superficial –although undoubtedly messy— wounds.)

Yet as he knotted the bandages tight about Lord Cain’s wrists, he allowed himself to steal an upwards glance. Something in his chest pulled at the softened, almost vulnerable expression he saw.

Yes, sometimes, he found he had to wonder:

Though it was he who so often had the young man’s hands bound, he could not say just who of them truly held the other captive.

Clocking in at 139 words!
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