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she keeps falling for the creep, the body leech coming on

Hello! There has been a long and deplorable period of dormancy in which I, formerly gentlemanfriend, fell off the face of fandom, vore (formerly plasticfayness) fell off of the face of livejournal and brainmuffin (formerly brainmuffin) was lazy. But we're trying to get things going again, so if people are still interested in Cain drabbling, rev up your word processors and get typing ♥ .

This week's theme was suggested by the lovely grayhour, it's about bondage:

Our standard word limit is 100, but if you want to post anything at all (shorter, longer, whatever) any signs of life are welcome. This weeks challenge will run until next Wednesday, when we'll update with a new one (provided people are actually interested and posting stuff).
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