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My Theme - St. Patrick's Day

‘tis a drabble of exactly 100 words. See, I knew I could do it ^^;

Title: A Blessing Of Luck
Author: Kreuz Swords
Theme: My self challenge for St. Patrick’s Day XD
Notes: Lady Gwen is a character that I created.

We are having tea with Gwen again. I know nothing about this mysterious Irish lady with the hunting beauty of a banshee and friend to Merryweather.

“Do you know what the leaves of a four-leaf-clover mean?”

She is always catching me off guard with questions that none were brave enough to ask me. “I think it was faith, hope, love, and luck.”

“It is one explanation. There is the religious meaning as well. ‘tis The Father, The Son, the Holy Spirit, and God’s grace. Your eyes remind me of shamrocks. Golden-green eyes like yours are a blessing of true luck.
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