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Theme - Advocacy

This theme was a wee bit hard to write on, so be on the forgiving side with me.

Title: Words of Freedom
Author: Kreuz Swords
Theme: Advocacy

“I have a feeling you want me do something.” Cain remarked and tipped the edge of the newspaper to Merryweather who had been waiting beside him.

“I really need you to come with me to a social event because I don’t feel safe going off by myself.”

“If that is all wish of me, then I shall go with you”

“Umm, brother there is one minor problem... I am to meet a group of respectable young women, so you can’t go as yourself.”

“Not a problem with me,” and Cain was dragged off.

Riff received a note from a constable. It contained Cain’s instructions of how to bail him out of the gaol.

“Mrs. Anthony and Miss Merryweather please come forward. Your husband has come for you,” called out a disgruntled bobby.

Cain stepped out of a group of women with his sister behind bars. He was dressed as a young lady in high fashion and wearing a sash saying “Women Rights To Vote”. The bobby unlocked the gate and let the two out.

“Let’s go home Jim dear and forget this humiliation,” as Cain glared at Riff.

“As you wish darling, and Riff escorted his master by the arm.
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