[ Phae -- Teh Wheelchair of d00m ] (plasticfayness) wrote in poison_100,
[ Phae -- Teh Wheelchair of d00m ]

OK!!! IT HAS BEEN YEARS OMFG WTF!!!!!! the new theme....is...can you guess it? CHRISTMAS!!! and this time, it's a compitition and the prize is great....yeah....like a icon great O.o;;

ok, because Yuumei is making me write something about this theme, just put in anything that has to do with Christmas, but don't make it to much like your on crack XD and remember 100 words.....or about that much O.o;; and yes....*shrugs* i ain't good at this crap, and people, WAKE UP!!! OK!? WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE!? o.o;;
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