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Poison_100 - Count Cain & God Child Drabbles

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Community Maintainers:

- Claudia/brainmuffin
- Phaedra/vore
- Yuumei/featherheadfop

This community is a Count Cain / God Child devoted drabble community. It was created to keep everyone's muses alive, and to add some bulk to the tragically small amount of Count Cain fanfiction.


Please Review the Following Before Joining/Posting:

1. Each week a new drabble challenge is posted. Challenges begin on Monday, and end the following Monday with the posting of a new challenge.

2. All drabbles should be roughly 100 words.

3. There is no limit to the number of drabbles you may post in a given week.

4. We have no objections to things of an explicit nature. However, if your drabble could be considered NC-17, or you feel it might be offensive, please put it behind an LJ-cut and give explanatory warning.

5. If your drabble contains series spoilers, please give warning and list the volume in which the spoiler(s) occur. Your drabble should be put behind an LJ-cut

6. All genres are accepted.

7. If you would like to contribute an idea for the weekly theme or have further questions, kindly email a mod (names and e-mails are listed above).

8. Discriminatory statements and language will not be tolerated here. This includes but is not limited to those of a sexist, heterosexist, racist, ableist, or classist nature. Discriminatory behavior will receive a warning, and, if repeated, a ban.

9. Please remain polite and civil within this community.