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Because featherheadfop made me, I'll post the first one. I haven't written in sooooo long lawl...

Every time Jezebel comes home he always walks down the small staircase to his lab. As soon as he opens the door aura of flesh and blood and god-knows-what escapes but the smell is exotic perfume to him. He walks past the bottles of eyes, along rows of broken limbs which are placed in containers all sliced up like sandwich meat, but at the end of the room was Jezebel's true masterpiece. A woman in her late twenties laying naked on a slab with her tongue ripped out as well as her eyes and her limbs torn off leaving only her head and torso. Her body was scares overlaying eachother and her hair was on the floor, decaying. He took out a scalpel and cut below her breasts leaving the flesh slowly sag down her ribs before cutting off her nipples which dropped on the floor like buttons.

I know, my horrible grammer is the same as always.
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