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Title: Hair Chemistry
Author: Kreuz Swords (aka unicorn_san)
Theme: Cain’s Hair/Hair Fetish

“Owe!” yelped Cain as he fidgeted on a footstool.

Merryweather grabbed a handful of Cain’s silky hair and pulled. “I said hold still!”

“OWE! You did not have to pull so hard! Why do you have this obsession of styling my hair when you want to play tea party?”

“It is your own fault for keeping me trapped here most of the time and frightening girls away.”

Cain fumed, but let his sister fuss with his hair. He was surrounded by fuzzy stuffed animals all grinning at him.

Riff came in with the tea service when Merryweather was finished. He quickly excused himself after seeing Cain with French braided hair on the sides, and he covered his nose with a handkerchief as he went out.
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