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Theme: #4 - Music

I know this is looong overdue in posting...

Humm, music, eh... Oh I just let the imagination rule with the music person that has Cain likeness…

Title: Angelic Siren
Author: Kreuz Swords
Theme: #4 - Music

Cain finally slipped away from Riff, Merryweather, and yes even Oscar for the day. He found himself strolling into the shady part of a park as if the groundskeepers forgot to tame back nature. Cain neared a grotto and heard a rich voice accompanied by instruments. The sorrowful voice pulled at his soul and he drifted to the grotto.

Before Cain was the slender man he had in a dream with a red overcoat. The melancholic singer ensnared Cain's emotions into the passionate music. Words of love, heart brake, and loneliness had drawn Cain to the singer with the same bewitching golden-green eyes as the earl's.

When the music ended, Cain closed his eyes and shuttered from withdrawal. As his eyes reopened, it was Riff standing before him. Riff's hands were holding his head and frantically telling him to say something. In back of Cain's mind, seductive laughter faded away.
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