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Hullo, all people and such and so forth. It is I, the Sem, a first time poster. Now, I joined this community a while back for the purpose of recieving a goodly amount of Cain drabbles delivered to my friends page daily. But alack! Everyone here seems to have died. It makes I, the Sem, very very sad. Very. Very sad. In case you missed that bit. About me being very sad.

So! I have taken the initiative to go forth and comfort myself by means of participating. In that spirit I bring you 400 words of or relating to Cain and his people. Huzzah! They aren't very good, but maybe they will inspire someone else to write something which is. Yay!

Titles: Again, Meaning, Touch, Refuse
Themes: Christmas, Saucy Servents
Author: semchance
Note: Both "Touch" and "Refuse" hint vaguely at Cain/Riff, and "Touch" has obvious one-sided Riff/Cain. For anyone out there who fears the slash to be warned of.

Christmas -

Saucy Servents -

Please enjoy!
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